Young Adult Fiction

The Rival: I’ll tell you who’s on my side. Anyone – Federalist, Insurgent, or otherwise – who wants to bring down Dr. Andronicus.

Whose side are you on?

Bex Blixen is an elite high school cadet trained in deadly Apian Dance combat, living in an accelerated-physics academy designed to win the arms race of the second Cold War. But as conflicting clues surface regarding the whereabouts of her sister Beatrix, Bex becomes convinced her sister has been kidnapped by rebel government agents seeking to turn her breakthrough teleportation research to treacherous ends. Bex must enlist the help of her friends and a mysterious powerful ally to stop the evil Dr. Andronicus and save not only her sister, but her homeland as well.

Straight-A Flunky: When braces and bullies make the new kid sick, she must find new strength, or flunk the fifth grade.

Bethany is the new kid at Blaine school, where cool is in and geeks are out. As her time in the nurse’s office adds up, her parents start to worry. But when Bethany gets a notice from the School District that she has missed too many days to move on to sixth grade, she knows she must find her place to fit in and get the bullies off her back – or flunk the fifth grade.

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