Short Stories For Adults and Children

The Red Toad and the Buffalo: Listen, o Apple of my Eye, to the tale of Tola Tola the Adjudicator, red toad of Africa, and Ibzan, his son. Once upon a time, the red toad was keeper of the law for the cradle of life known as Serengeti. Listen and hear, o Precious Treasure of mine, how it came to pass that Tola Tola and his lineage restored the Law of the Jungle when it was broken at the dawn of the world.

The Young Narwhal: Asavakkit was a young narwhal who lived in the deep, dark ocean under the ice on the roof of the world. It was very deep, and very dark, and very, very cold under the icebergs known to the narwhal as iluliaq. But for Asavakkit, with a narwhal’s thick hide and a cozy cocoon of fat, the bitter cold of his watery home was only a whisper against his skin as he raced the waves.

The Black Rabbit: Shiro went down to the river. She heard cheers as she approached. Yorokobi, the river otter, leapt onto the bank amidst a circle of forest creatures. A raccoon dog panted up out of the water, shaking out his fur and laughing. “Look how they love the otter Yorokobi,” said Shiro to the black rabbit. “If I am the best, it is I who will be loved.”

Koombooloomba Bandicoot: Once upon a time, there was a bandicoot named Koombooloomba who lived in the Daintree Forest in the Land at the World’s Southern Edge. Imagine a kangaroo that could fit in the palm of your hand, with the dainty forefeet and nose of a mouse. That is Koombooloomba Bandicoot.

The Eleventh Hour: They circle as darkness gathers. The task is set;  the clock strikes eleven.

Winner of the 2011 WriterHouse short story prize, based on the theme “eleven”.

A suspenseful thriller in 500 words.

 The Jaguar and the Poison Frog: Listen, o Precious Treasure of mine, to the tale of Her Royal Highness Esperança Alzira Preta, Queen of the Jungle at the Center of the World, Empress of the great Rio Amazonas do Brasil, and of Medo Jóia Branco, her Chief Vizier. Listen and hear, o Apple of my Eye, how the Poison Frog came to be known as Friend-to-the-Queen when the world was new.

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