London Moxie Travel Guide

Nobody enjoys being a tourist. The lines, the hassle, the cons, the traps – “tourist” is almost an insult. Especially in a big city like London, it’s much more fun to get off the beaten track and live the life of a local. London Moxie is written with just that goal in mind, taking a fresh approach to integrating visitors into today’s London. This concise, discreet guide starts with neighborhood profiles, introducing the unique flavors of each district, and warning against areas where it’s unadvisable to wander. Complete with public transportation keys, orientation shortcuts, guidelines on socializing, style suggestions, and tips from residents, it acts as the visitor’s friend-of-a-friend in London, a true guide to this vibrant world capital.

Reviews: “Indispensable! London Moxie surely will be the guide the Londoners themselves hide in their pockets.” –Antoine Estapa, Film Producer & London Frequenter

This guide picks out the best. Even locals could benefit from it – wish we had it when we were there!” –Gareth & Lisa Hedges, Aucklanders & Former London Residents

London Moxie captures the essence of London brilliantly.” –Tony English, Investment Consultant & Londoner

Status: Still for sale on A little out of date, but nevertheless still selling, and with a soft place in my heart.

Want to read London Moxie? Check it out on Want some updated ideas for planning your London trip? Feel free to email me on

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