fan mail: so cute

If you want to know how to make my day, this is it! A big thank you to Lily from Utah for the best fan mail yet. Lily will be getting a complimentary advance copy of The Emissary (Part II of Bex Blixen and the Electroleviathans), due to come out late 2012-ish. And yes, her reply, complete with some writing tips, is in the mail.

And now for something completely different: Tis the season to give eBooks. And since that’s kind of new, here’s a great tutorial on how.


“I didn’t like it. A lot of action… but too much for the amount of plot. I got tired reading it.”

It’s true, Bex Blixen is no damsel in distress. She’s out to kick some ass. So there you have it folks: not everyone loves The Rival.

But if you do, please vote for The Rival as a 2011 YA Fiction book of the year. Voting closes Sunday – tomorrow – at midnight!

Just copy and paste the ISBN into the search box: 9780983819004


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an astonishing teleport into an imagined world

I’m so grateful for the reviews I’ve gotten for The Rival. Thank you, thank you reviewers. Here’s one that really knocked my socks off!

“The Rival, the first in a series, is an astonishing teleport into an imagined world.  Author Bethany Carlson has invented a plausibly magical alterna-reality in which the (mostly teenage) characters must be their best selves to vanquish evil. There are echoes of Narnia and other classics but the subject matter and narrative are entirely the author’s own creations.


  1. The martial art studied by the protagonist, Bex, is known as Apian Dance, a super-gymnastic-dance-combat form based on the kinetic language of bees.
  2. When the kids go out to the barn to put on a show, it involves advanced physics as well as personal sacrifice for the greater good.
  3. Girl power.
  4. Plenty of action, artfully dropped clues to the narrative, and well-developed main characters.

Downside: It’s a trilogy. I have to wait to find out what happened!

This is a young-adult book, but totally enjoyable for no-longer-young-adults as well.  Can’t wait for the sequel!

Highly recommended.”

-Not-Young-Adult, on iTunes

Wow! Would you like to read The Rival for free? Just drop me a line at and tell me what kind of ereader of you have (if any). I would love to have a few more reviews before the official launch! And, if you have an iPhone or iPad, rating The Rival would be a big help for me. Unlike the other platforms, iTunes won’t show a rating until a (mysterious) number of ratings have been posted… and it looks like I need more.