I’ve done everything from sending fish into space to herding guinea pigs in Peru. Now I write books about chicks who kick butt.

What readers are saying about my writing:  “Your sense of adventure is very compelling – there are no wasted scenes.

You have a really good story-telling voice.

You have a cunning style that engages the reader.


bethanyjoycarlson@hotmail.com  |  goodreads.com/bethanyjoycarlson  | amazon.com/author/bethanyjoycarlson  |  cafepress.com/BethanyJoyCarlson  |  facebook.com/bethanyjoycarlson  |  twitter.com/bethanyjcarlson

photo by Alex Vereau

So, you kept scrolling down? All right, a little more about me. I’m a native Seattlite, but these days I’m a Charlottesvillain. In high school I did the butterfly leg of the 200 IM relay. This was the closest I came to being in the Olympics, which was what I dreamed about when I was 8. Now I’m 34. My favorite landlords were for my little studio flat in Islington, in London – these two adorable ladies, so devoted to each other, couldn’t for the life of them understand why their female Basenji wouldn’t give the male Basenji the time of day. I don’t like to eat watermelon (or sea urchin). I once stopped a crime on the Metro in Madrid. In fourth grade, after winning the classroom spelling bee, for my very first word in the school-wide bee I enthusiastically spelled shining ‘s-h-i-n-n-i-n-g’.

photo by Fabio Governato www.fabiogovernato.com

I write books about chicks who kick butt… for chicks who kick butt. Like Lily, from Utah:

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