story time: the king’s ankus

These are the Four that are never content, that have never been filled since the Dews began — Jacala’s mouth, and the glut of the Kite, and the hands of the Ape, and the Eyes of Man.

— Jungle Saying.                                      


Kaa, the big Rock Python, had changed his skin for perhaps the two-hundredth time since his birth; and Mowgli, who never forgot that he owed his life to Kaa for a night’s work at Cold Lairs, which you may perhaps remember, went to congratulate him. Skin-changing always makes a snake moody and depressed till the new skin begins to shine and look beautiful.

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The tale of The King’s Angkus is one of my all time favorite stories by one of my heroes, the great Rudyard Kipling, and clear inspiration behind many of my own short stories.

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