eBooks: on fire

I thought I was being optimistic when I printed 100 flyers for my upcoming eBook DIY class at Writer House to pass out at today’s eBook session at Virginia Festival of the Book. Turns out, that wasn’t nearly enough. The class had to move from this room, which seated about 50 people:

To this room, which seated about 150:

And there were still people standing at the back. Wow! I talked with many people excited about eBooks, passed out all my flyers, and the flyer stash at the Writer House booth was quickly dwindling. So I’m more excited than ever about this class.

Two of the special guests who will be visiting the class were panelists at the session.

Mayapriya Long,  Owner, Bookwrights

“What works for a book cover doesn’t necessarily work for an eBook cover. Quotes don’t show up in a thumbnail. You can’t read subtitles. Simplify.”

“Discerning readers know when something is amateur.”

“Most covers are 600 x 800 pixels. The cover does not have to tell the whole story.”

Andy Straka, Author 

“I’m a ‘trindie’ author. Traditional + Indie gives you the most power to reach the broadest audience.”

“Writers: eBooks give you creative freedom. I was so drawn into an eBook I read recently that I didn’t know it was 600 pages long until I saw it later a bookstore.”

Needless to say, great stuff. I think everyone learned a lot from Mayapriya, Andy, and the other panelists. Myself included.

See you in class.

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