narwhals rule

Did you know that narwhal means “corpse whale”? (It’s because of the appearance their weird mottled hide.) Or that no one really knows what that horn is for? Apothecaries in London adopted the unicorn as their emblem because they made a mint selling ‘unicorn horn’ as viagra.

Narwhals are 50% blubber. And they thrive in the dark and cold of the arctic circle. They are one of the most enigmatic animals on earth, since, unlike their merry cousins the beluga whales, they cannot be kept and studied in captivity (despite their incredible survival skills in the wild, they die very quickly if contained). And their preferred habitat makes them very difficult to study in the wild.

I myself find them adorable, much like the sloth. So bizarre, it’s totally endearing. So, my next story, “The Young Narwhal”, features one of these fascinating creatures off the coast of Greenland.

If you want to learn more about narwhals, I highly recommend an article that has stuck with me over the years, “In Search of the Mysterious Narwhal” by Smithsonian Magazine. The best part is the world’s foremost expert in Narwhals is an ex Pacific Northwest Ballerina, Kristin Laidre. Enjoy.

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