it’s all about the usagi

As promised, The Black Rabbit is ready to read.

It’s about the friendship between the black rabbit, and Shiro, the white rabbit. Shiro is Japanese for ‘white’.

Shiro has a swimming race with a river otter, Yorokobi. Yorokobi is Japanese for ‘joy’.

A tanuki, or Japanese Raccoon Dog, starts the race.

She also has a nut-gathering competition with Isogashi, the squirrel. Isogashi is Japanese for ‘busy’.

Shiro’s brush with Fukuro the owl is fraught with danger. Fukuro is Japanese for ‘owl’. (Such a cool word!)

But ultimately, it is the black rabbit who helps Shiro find what she is looking for.

I hope you’ll enjoy The Black Rabbit.

Oh, and – usagi is Japanese for ‘rabbit’.

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