bringing the red toad to life

Animated stained glass. Imagine it: You’re in a gothic cathedral in France on a cloudy day. Suddenly, the heavens part. The sun shines brightly through the jewel-tone, geometric shapes of a wall of glass. A Story is illuminated.

This is how I am imagining bringing The Red Toad and the Buffalo to life. Today I have been having fun searching the internet for some visual inspiration. Which I now share with you.

I love, love, love these elephants.

Chartre Cathedral looks like an amazing place to visit.

And this artist blows my mind.

Maybe subliminally, this video from 20 years ago is what inspired the idea… but I feel like there is so much room for improvement. This dipiction is so static. Imagine if it came to life, like a mosaic on the bottom of a pool. As the wind blows across the surface, the sun moves across the sky, the picture would become so dyanmic.

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