what’s in a name?

I drew on Swahili for the names of several of the characters in my latest fable:

This is Kiburi, the Cape Buffalo. Kiburi means “pride”.

This is Shirazi, the Lion, and Mkuu, his son. Shirazi is for the merchant peoples who greatly influenced and spread the Swahili language throughout East Africa over the course of several centuries from Shiraz, in Persia – which also means “lion”. The Shirazi people still live in parts of East Africa today. Mkuu is Swahili for “prince”.

This is Amani, the White-Headed Weaver Bird. Amani is Swahili for “peace”.

These are Moja and Mbili, the Meerkat brothers. Moja is Swahili for “one” and mbili means “two”.

I love writing stories because it is always a good opportunity to learn something new!

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