the softer side of djarawonga

Quolls are cuties, too!!

Just not in Koombooloomba Bandicoot


the emissary: background on some new characters

If you’ve read The Rival, you’ll find something familiar in the name Armando Andronicus. He’s Dr. Iago’s little brother. And where we pick up with Bex at the start of The Emissary, he’s been in stasis for 17 years. Armando might look like he’s asleep on a space mission to a far off galaxy… but he’s not.

Meanwhile, Bex comes face-to-face with the leader of The Insurgency. More on her later. But she also meets Kimora Khan, the leader’s little sister. And what Bex doesn’t know is that Kimora has been trying to find Armando since she last saw him in Hawai’i… 17 years ago.

Kimora is an expert in bird conservation, just like her big sister. One of her key areas of study is the ‘I’iwi bird.

‘I’iwi, or Scarlet Hawaiian Honeycreeper

In Hawaiian poetry, the sweetheart is personified in the ‘I’iwi. It is mentioned in one of my all time favorite Hawaiian songs, Ka Ipo Lei Manu (My Cherished Sweetheart). Enjoy.

And let’s hope Kimora doesn’t do anything crazy…

what’s in a name?

I drew on Swahili for the names of several of the characters in my latest fable:

This is Kiburi, the Cape Buffalo. Kiburi means “pride”.

This is Shirazi, the Lion, and Mkuu, his son. Shirazi is for the merchant peoples who greatly influenced and spread the Swahili language throughout East Africa over the course of several centuries from Shiraz, in Persia – which also means “lion”. The Shirazi people still live in parts of East Africa today. Mkuu is Swahili for “prince”.

This is Amani, the White-Headed Weaver Bird. Amani is Swahili for “peace”.

These are Moja and Mbili, the Meerkat brothers. Moja is Swahili for “one” and mbili means “two”.

I love writing stories because it is always a good opportunity to learn something new!

red toad of africa

In the next month or so I will be posting a new fable up on the site. So far, the name of this fable is YTBD. Sometimes coming up with a good name is the toughest part.

But I wanted to introduce you to Schismaderma carens, the split-skin toad, also known as the African Red Toad.

Pretty cute for a toad, right? Toads are often quasi-villains in tales. They’re warty, they’re gross, they live in dank places and eat bugs.

But there’s a good side to these creatures, too. That’s part of what I’m writing about. More to come…