how to: buy ebooks through your local independent bookstore

I was very excited to learn that I could buy ebooks from Over the Moon Bookstore, my favorite little indie bookshop in Crozet!

There are some qualifications, however. On my Kindle, I can ONLY buy books through Amazon. Boo. No wonder they are willing to sell the new Kindle at a huge loss. (My understanding is that it is the same deal with the Nook – you can only buy eBooks through Barnes & Noble… although the Nook reads epub files so it seems like perhaps there is a way around this??)

Thankfully, on my much-preferred eReader, my Samsung Galaxy phone, I can purchase Google Books. And Google has gotten together with independent bookstores. Brilliant. Anything that is on the Android system is pretty seamless with Google Books.

So, friends in Seattle – if you patronize Magnolia’s Bookstore, you’re out of luck. They’re considering getting a website for the first time, but for now they are pretty anti-eBooks. If you shop at Queen Anne Books, though, go for it! For my Miami friends – eBook shop away at the wonderful Books & Books!

With Apple products I THINK if you have the Google Books App you can do the same. But you have to be careful because I know Apple and Google have been warring over revenues. You can buy books through iTunes, which obviously Apple would prefer.

I’m so glad I don’t have to choose between my local bookstore and eBooks anymore.

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