help me out: win a PRIZE!

It’s a few weeks before official launch, but The Rival is now available at many eBook outlets!

If you’d like to read it for free, just email me on I would love to have a few more reviews on the following sites (any goodreads folks out there?).

  • The Rival for your Kindle on Amazon
  • The Rival for your Nook on Barnes & Noble
  • The Rival for your PC or many other devices on Lulu (and download general epub file reader Adobe Digital Editions here)
  • The Rival for your iPhone or iPad on iTunes (and download iBooks from the iTunes app store)
  • The Rival for your Android device… I’m still working on it! They don’t make it easy.

Which brings us to the part about the free prizedoes anyone know how to get an eBook on the Android platform? I’ll tailor the prize to what you want. Need help with nerdy math stuff? I’ll do it for free! Want a gift certificate to your local bookstore? No problem! Want a signed galley of The Rival with a cheesy framed picture of the original draft art for the cover? It’s yours! Help me now and win a great prize!

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