the rival: locked and loaded

The Rival is now ready to be launched on Amazon and Barnes & Noble with just one click!  I am thinking a launch date of September 1 sounds just about right. I’m hoping that gives me enought time to figure out how to launch for the various tablets… that’s not as straightforward, although I feel like for the future it’s more important, so worth the work.

I’ve also got a small case of cold feet. Time to put some socks on.

2 thoughts on “the rival: locked and loaded

    • I have read self-published non-fiction authors (mostly along the lines of how-to do X). My response has been about the same as to books published traditionally – a mixed bag, with some being more helpful / useful / interesting than others. I haven’t read any self-published fiction… my market research on self-published fiction authors has been to try to find out what helped them to sell books. When I wrote The Rival, I was doing the art. Now, when I’m looking at selling the book, I’m doing the business.

      One thing that gives me some cause for concern is that, to date, successful young adult fiction authors seem to all write paranormal romance. I’m hoping there’s some room for, as my friend Krista said: “strong female characters that aren’t obsessed with their love lives!

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