get the tone right and you have a true story on your hands

When you listen to somebody’s story and then try to reproduce it in writing, the tone’s the main thing. Get the tone right and you have a true story on your hands. Maybe some of the facts aren’t quite correct, but that doesn’t matter – it actually might elevate the truth factor of the story. Turn this around, and you could say there’re stories that are factually accurate yet aren’t true at all.

-Haruki Murakami, Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman


watch and wait

Ummm… last week there was an earthquate and a hurricane. And not just at work. So, I’m not making any big moves. Just watching and waiting. Seeing what happens. Seeing whether fate is playing a joke or just being a royal pain in my ass.

query tally: the rival: 0-12

No response over the last month from agent #12. So that’s one year of my two-year list of agents down. It gives me cold feet about putting The Rival up as an ebook and spurs me on at the same time. Grrrr.

Agents giving constructive feedback: 1

Agents giving generic feedback: 6

Agents providing no response: 5

This coming weekend I’m going to Virginia Beach to watch some beach volleyball and surfing, so I’ll try to squeeze #13 in sometime this week.

guess what: the 5-0 stole my mojo

So no legit post today. I meant to get a whole lot of things done this weekend… like figure out how to post the book to iTunes. Instead, the fuzz slapped me with a speeding ticket and now I have a raging headache that I am going to ill-advisedly nurse with caffeine and alcohol. So your visit here is not a complete waste of time, here is one of my favorite videos of the summer, in homage to my little tete-a-tete with the men in blue today.

the rival: locked and loaded

The Rival is now ready to be launched on Amazon and Barnes & Noble with just one click!  I am thinking a launch date of September 1 sounds just about right. I’m hoping that gives me enought time to figure out how to launch for the various tablets… that’s not as straightforward, although I feel like for the future it’s more important, so worth the work.

I’ve also got a small case of cold feet. Time to put some socks on.