query tally: the rival

No response over the last month from agent #11. Sigh. It’s the one-year anniversary of sending this manuscript out. The query tally for The Rival: Part I of Bex Blixen and the Electroleviathans is now:

Agents giving constructive feedback: 1

Agents giving generic feedback: 6

Agents providing no response: 4

I’ll need to find time to work on query #12 this weekend.

2 thoughts on “query tally: the rival

  1. This doesn’t make me feel too positive about my chances. Glad we have a writing group!

    This is a test. I’ll see if you actually read this and reply to me. Thus, my first level of feedback about your website.

    • It’s a tale of two responses. Of course, every rejection just crushes me. But, one of the things I did a year ago before I sent out a single query was to spend a few days on http://www.agentquery.com and come up with a list of agents about 2-3 years long. So I’m not even half way through my list. I expect the rejection, and I know what my next step will be when it comes in. In the meantime I’m subscribing to their blogs to glean anything I can to improve my chances. And, finally, most of my favorite authors were rejected between 20 and 100 times on their best works. Madeleine L’Engle went for 10 years without being published, and A Wrinkle in Time was rejected dozens of times before Farrar Straus picked it up. Not even half time yet. And to keep me busy in the mean time, I’m looking into publishing the eBook myself. But yeah, at the end of the day, getting a book published is more or less like winning the lottery. But I figure since I’ve done the work, I might as well try to get paid for it.

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