market research update: katie klein

I emailed Katie Klein asking her about her eBook sales success, and how she had initially gotten the word out. She very kindly replied! Thank you, Katie.

Katie shares: “The truth is, I didn’t do any major advertising/promotion when I released my books. I released them quietly in the middle of the night. :)”

This was not the response I expected… but seems to be perhaps an encouraging sign. Maybe there is an element of “if you build it, they will come” in this business.

1 thought on “market research update: katie klein

  1. You’re welcome! In the case of Cross My Heart, word of mouth had more to do with generating sales than anything I did. I do keep a blog/twitter presence, but I think the key is to write a book that resonates. Not everyone’s first book will be a “hit,” so it’s important to keep writing. Your “breakout” novel might be the third, fifth, or tenth one you write. You just never know! 🙂


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