kindle:past :: android:future… ?

I finished reading The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle on my Kindle. (I have to agree with my sister on this one – TW-UBC is not Murakami’s finest.) I enjoyed reading the book, and the whole eBook thing really didn’t intrude a whole lot on the experience. However, one of my many smarter-than-I friends called the Kindle a dinosaur, and I have to agree.

My phone, the Samsung Galaxy, is pretty f**king awesome. I can do just about anything on this phone that I can on my computer (except hard-core Microsoft Office stuff), and when it comes to facebook / twitter / photos / video, in a lot of ways the phone is better than my computer. With Android Market, I can read books on my phone AND my computer. The books are in the cloud; I can read them from anywhere. Cool.

Is the book formatting on my phone kind of wack? Yes. But is it any better on the Kindle? Surprisingly, NO. The fact of the matter is, the Kindle does not display books any better than on my phone or computer.

That said, it is a labyrinth trying to figure out how to get books up on Android Market. I messed around with this for a couple of hours today but despite wandering into Google Books, Google Checkout, Android Developer, Google Partners, etc. etc. I feel like I’m no further along than when I started. Sigh.

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