market research: katie klein

So, as one of my (many) smarter-than-I friends pointed out, I had better find out whether YA fiction is even selling in eBook form. Wandering around Kindle for a while led to the conclusion that, yes, tweens and tees are indeed buying eBooks.

HOWEVER, only about 1% of those books appear to be eBook only. In other words, people are buying, say, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Theif, already popular in hardback, paperback, and movie form. There don’t seem to be many truly “indie” authors starting out eBook… far less, in fact, than I expected to see.

One who jumped out as doing pretty well was Katie Klein. Problem is, Katie Klein is a nom de plume of a writer who already has an agent and has published before. I’m not knocking Katie a bit; in fact, it is really interesting commentary to me on just how hard it is to get published through traditional channels. But it just goes to show that while converting a .doc to an eBook is easy as pie, selling it is not.

Sales and marketing, marketing and sales. Two things I suck at royally. I’m reading a cheesy book now on how to sell a million eBooks. I will let you know if there is anything that doesn’t stink in there.

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